The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is an important advisory group that functions as a direct link between parents and the board's director of education and trustees. While the School Council focuses on the local school and community, the PIC operates at the board level and is concerned with issues that affect multiple schools.

What does the PIC do?

The PIC strengthens parent engagement by:

  1. Providing the school board with suggestions on parent engagement and ways to communicate with parents;
  2. Developing strategies and initiatives that the Council could use to engage more parents in their children's learning at home and at school;
  3. Sharing information with school councils and supporting their work.
  4. And others.

The activities of a PIC are based on the unique needs of its school board and its diverse community.

Who sits on the PIC?

The PIC is run by parents. The Chairperson is a parent, as are the majority of the members. To be eligible for membership, parents must have a child enrolled in a school belonging to the Board. The Director of education and a trustee are also members to ensure a direct link to the Board. The committee meets at least four times a year.

We are excited about the renewal we are bringing to our PIC and look forward to working with you!

Si vous souhaitez participer au CPP, avoir plus d’informations, contactez Lindsay Ferron, 807 983-4044.

Parent Involvement Committee

Standing and Mandatory Committee

Le Comité de participation des parents (CPP) est un important groupe consultatif qui fonctionne comme lien direct entre les parents et la direction de l’éducation et les conseillères et conseillers scolaires. Alors que le conseil d’école se concentre sur l’école et la communauté locale, le comité de participation des parents agit au niveau du conseil scolaire et se préoccupe de questions qui touchent plusieurs écoles.


Les réunions du CPP ont lieu à quatre (4) reprises pendant l’année scolaire et débutent dès 18 h (heure de l’Ouest) et 19 h (heures de l’Est et Thunder Bay).


Dates des réunions du CPP pour l’année scolaire 2023-2024 :

  • 3 octobre 2023
  • 5 décembre 2023
  • 20 février 2024
  • 14 mai 2024
Prochaine réunion : le mardi 3 octobre 2023, 18 h (région de l’Ouest) et 19 h (région de l’Est et Thunder Bay)