Students and school staff are encouraged to do a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment before leaving home each day. 

Screening centers:

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We recommend that you follow the instructions and next steps given to you by the screening tool result or the What to do if you have been exposed to COVID-19 from government of Ontario.  

Procedures in case a student becomes symptomatic at school

  • As soon as a student shows symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, a staff member will notify the office and provide the student with a medical mask.
  • A staff member will come to the classroom with a visor and medical mask or N95 and accompany the student to the targeted isolation room.
  • The secretary will immediately contact the parent and ask them to come to the school to pick up their child promptly.
  • The homeroom teacher will escort the other students in the class outside so that the custodian can clean and disinfect the classroom and other areas where the student has been during the day.
  • When the parent arrives, he or she rings the intercom and the secretary notifies the designated staff member of the parent's arrival.
  • The designated staff member will escort the student to the door so that he/she can join his/her parent. (If necessary, rapid antigen tests will also be given to the parent).
  • The premises where the student was located will be cleaned and disinfected and normal school activities may be maintained unless otherwise advised by the local public health office.
  • Any student who has been in close proximity to the person with symptoms during the school day may continue to attend school.