Date of publication: September 26, 2019

From September 16-20, more than 115 Aurora Borealis CSDC 7th and 8th graders participated in Leadership Camp at the Quetico Conference Center.

The goal of the leadership camp is to encourage students to have fun in French and to create a bond and a love for their Francophonie.

Facilitators welcomed students with icebreaker activities and headbands honouring the "Northwestern Franco" theme. Special guests included Daniel Richer dit Laflèche, storyteller of the seven Aboriginal teachings, who guided students in making a talking stick. Stef Paquette created two songs with the students on the themes of the environment and the Francophonie, and finally, Évasions mobiles led the activity "La forteresse souterraine". The other workshops allowed us to cultivate various skills and to train our students in their leadership style.

"When I was at the leadership camp, I made new friends, I saw that songs in French are not so bad, the activities were fun and interesting. The video dance in the evening was my favorite part and I loved it and I think it's worth going to camp!" a grade 8 student

"OMG what have you done with my daughter? She made me a list of French songs to download, she spoke to me in French in the car. I'm freaking out. Leadership Camp! There are no words to describe the impact on us. All students should participate", a student's mother.

Hats off to the teachers, organizers and the entire team for this incredible success and for keeping this sense of Francophone pride alive in each of our schools!