Date of publication: January 27, 2021

All of our students have the opportunity to interact with David Bouchard, an internationally recognized Aboriginal author in February.

A session is scheduled for all parents on our Board of Education on Wednesday, February 17 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

This lecture in French is a conversation with David Bouchard, a Métis storyteller based in Victoria, born and raised in Saskatchewan.

He has spoken with parents from all over the world... From India to Great Britain... From Texas to Colorado... From Newfoundland to NWT! His message is one that all parents should hear: reading is the key to success for your children... In school and after they leave school.

David explains why reading is so important and how one becomes a reader. In doing so, he offers real and achievable strategies for every family.

If you would like to receive the login link (via Teams), please email Alexandra Mauro,, Aboriginal Wellness and Education Leader