In accordance with Department of Education guidelines, the Confirmed cases and outbreaks will be updated with information regarding confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a student or staff member at Northern Lights CSDC.


It is important to note that a confirmed case in a school does not mean that the individual was exposed to COVID-19 in the school. The individual may have been exposed elsewhere in the community.


If Public Health orders a class, cohort or school closure for a period of time, you will be notified immediately. Class, cohort or school closure notices will also be posted here.


For confidentiality reasons, we will minimize the sharing of personal information in connection with any COVID-19 cases in our schools.


We invite you to consult the page, Cases of COVID-19 in schools and childcare facilities External link Department of Education to learn more about COVID-19 in schools and daycares.

Confirmed cases: 0 Class closure: 0 School closure: 0