Students, parents, school and board staff, partners, trustees, everyone was consulted in each of our communities to identify priorities and actions for the next five years.


With everyone's input, the Trustees developed a strategic plan to guide the administration's efforts through 2023.


We begin 2018-2019 with a progressive strategic plan tailored to the needs of our students. It is from this direction that staff members will focus their efforts so that each student can become a well-rounded, confident, and engaged citizen of the world in their community. This new strategic plan is aligned with our core values and will help us continue to inspire, empower and ensure the success of every student in our care



At the heart of our Franco-Ontarian and Catholic community, we accompany students in their learning and ensure their well-being as they become thoughtful, committed and responsible citizens.


As the top choice for education, we are distinguished by our Francophone pride and evangelical values in a welcoming environment.


Increase student and staff well-being.

  • Develop a culture of professional collaboration
  • Fostering resilience
  • Enhancing our welcoming environment
  • Anchor the values of autonomy and civic responsibility


Increase everyone's commitment to the Francophonie.

  • Reinforce identity building in students.
  • Valuing the commitment of staff.
  • Strengthen the role of the Council and its schools as visible and engaged community partners.


Increase the mastery of the French language.

  • Increase students' language skills.
  • Promote the positive reinforcement approach.